“The sky is an elegant clock, turning with visible arms, the Dippers swinging around the North Star, marking the deeply and gorgeously integrated life of everything on earth... This geometry measures the earth minutely... to know it, to see it, belongs to a deep aesthetic sense that transcends what is human... The properties that extract us from it and render us back into it – the miracles of conception, birth, and death – are properties belonging to all that exits... We emerge from and dissolve back into this radiant ground.  Not only can you know this, you are this.” - Susan Brind Morrow

Knowing the rhythms of the universe and their meaning drew me to astrology. I am a devoted student of astrology and have been supporting astrology clients for over 45 years. I work one-on-one, with couples, and with families. I offer sessions in person and over the phone. I also offer regular classes and workshops, co-create events with colleagues, and teach at the portland school of astrology. Find my philosophy and perspectives in media. Find my fees and location under contact.



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